May be usefull

Hi (again) eheh !

I was asking myself if the instructions we put into the log entries are usefull for you, or if it’s just for scythes better understanding ?

If it’s “important” for you to know what was done (ex : merger removed, nub added, branch added, etc) may i suggest adding radio selecting buttons ? (instead of “reaped?” ones). It could be optional for scythes to clic, but usefull when we do not want to write comments (i usually paint, and i often play when i’m in bed, without keyboard).

Just an idea, hope it can improve something.


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Hi Kfay,

Thanks for the suggestion.

If a cube is not reapgrown, we do ask for a record of the error that was corrected when a cube was scythed. If another problem happens with that cube, then we have a record of what was done in the cube. For example, a nub that gets added that later becomes part of a merger or a duplicate. This helps prevent the same error from occurring again and again.

I think your suggestion for the providing a “common fixes” menu to be easily selected is a good idea and I will pass it along to those who work on the Scouts Log.


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i agree that we should have a shortcut to register things like that, but feel it would be more useful as part of issue flag or status like nub added in purple (instead of sc) and nub missing in red as it is now for scouts or if a scythe is unsure. i have never understood the point to cross for reaped as i have not seen it anywhere after it is logged so have a feeling it is just more work to cross for reaped.