Making eyewire run, false to true, reboot, page gone and it still doesn't run

I cant find the help page to see which other program markers I had to change in my computer. The help page said try to set program markers from false to true - and that page I can’t find no more .

My computer says the program runs, but there is no visual of a cube or neuron shown.
Do you have the internet adres with the “about” help for me?


Hi bosjuffrouw,

Sorry to hear your having trouble with Eyewire. It sounds like WebGL is causing you trouble. What browser are you using? Some of the browsers have inconsistent support for WebGL.  We’ve found that Google Chrome has the most reliable.

The site to check for WebGL and instructions on how to enable it for your browser is here:

Hope that helps,

TThis is what I was searching - hopes it works now. THanx a lot!