Looking for Eyewirers to participate in social media campaign for Crowdsourcing Documentary

Heads up Eyewirers!

The Crowd and the Cloud,” a documentary on citizen science that will be airing on public television next year, is looking for people to help with their social media campaign.

They’ve asked Eyewire specifically to help out, as the program will have a segment that features Eyewirer, specifically its partnership with the EyesOnAlz project.

To participate, they’re looking for “video selfies,” which would be 10 second smartphone/tablet selfies of you saying the following: "I’m [your name (real name, not EW name)] of Eyewire for EyesOnAlz. I live in [location] and my PBS station is [your local PBS station]. Enthusiam encouraged!

**If you do not live in the US, you can still submit, just skip the local PBS station part.

Email in your video selfies to support@eyewire.org.

The deadline to submit is Oct 14th.

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2 questions:

first and last name?


How do you say EyesOnAlz? eyes on alls? eyes on a l z?

just trying to not screw it up, lol

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I wish I was a part of this!