Lockable Inspect Panel - A script to lock the inspect panel in place

This is another script for EyeWire, this time focused on improving the inspect panel a little. This script adds a small lock icon to the top right of the inspect panel, which you can click on to lock the panel in place. If the lock is open, you are free to move the panel around. If the lock is closed, you can no longer move the panel around.
The position you locked the panel at will be saved, so if you unlock it, move it around, and then reload the page, the panel will be back at its position it was previously locked at.
For obvious reasons, this script is only accessible for players ranked scout or higher.

Download and installation instructions: https://github.com/bl4ckscor3/LockableInspectPanel


It’s a little bit outside the panel in the compact version, but I’m totally ok with it :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking about doing something like this.

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To be honest, there’s not much space to put it anywhere in the compact version anyways :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s perfecf as is. Thanks for doing it. :slight_smile:

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No more roaming inspect panel! Hooray!

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