Loading Screen or Bar

Hi. I don’t know if this is a real concern for everyone but I think it is for eyewirers with very slow connections.

Most cubes take long to load, as much as five minutes in my case. I know it’s an issue with my internet connection, so I’m not blaming or harassing you with it. The problem is that this can be depressing on my part that whenever I finish submitting a cube, Parts of the Next cube appear to be ready although I cannot really do anything with it. I am even tempted to fill the cube even if it has not yet been fully loaded. I usually ended up over-coloring because some fine borders only show when the cubes are fully loaded.

I just think that an additional feature like a loading bar or screen would be helpful for this purpose. Just like in gaming interfaces, this loading bar can tell players how much of the cube has been loaded. But, the loading bar should Freeze the interface, so that the cube will be available only when it is fully loaded already. This will also give the players a better ‘feel’ of a game as they can have a break during this and not feel bombarded by more cubes after finishing a cube.

Hi martyy,

Thanks for the suggestion!  I think this is a good idea and have added it to our feature requests list.


That’s good to hear. I’m looking forward to better experiences in eyewire :smiley: