Loading Percent Not Showing Up

Whenever a cube loads, the loading percent usually shows up on the right side. It becomes invisible once it turns 100. However, on my computer, the percent is not showing up even if the cube’s still loading.

Here’s the piece of code:

div title=“2D Loading Percent” class=“fob invisible” id=“twoD-loading-percent” 000 /div

Note: Maybe it has something to do with the “fob invisible” part.

It’s okay if it’s not fixed, though. It’s just a minor bug, after all.:slight_smile:

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I’d email it to HQ to get a faster reply, admins don’t look forum very often. :slight_smile:


Hi randomperson,

Thanks for reporting! Our recent update has sped up cube loading, so I know that I rarely see the loading percentage in-cube anymore. Usually it flashes up/disappears and then the cube will finish loading. However, I will check with the devs and get back to you on this.


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