Loading from cache.eyewire.org violates same-origin policy

Today I had the problem of a cube only loading low resolution images and when I checked my error console, it had lots of entries like:
“Cross-Origin Request blocked: The same-origin policy prohibits reading of the external resource at http://cache.eyewire.org/volume/78973/chunk/0/0/0/0/tile/xz/96:128. This can be solved by moving the resource to the same domain or by activating CORS.” (translated from the original German, but I think it’s fairly accurate)
I assume that the cache.eyewire.org server is meant to speed up loading, but currently it only slows down by making hundreds of requests that my browser (Firefox 32.0.3) blocks anyway.

Hello, you need a dev to answer this post, I have forwarded it to support.