Live demos times in australia

Hey everyone!

There will be two live demos of Eyewire in front of large audiences this week at the Citizen Science Australia conference. Each talk will be followed by Q&A. I hope to have Eyewire open during that part so the audience may ask Eyewirers questions, too. These dates/times are for Adelaide, Australia.

First demo:
Feb 8
6:45 pm

Second demo:
Feb 9
1:30 pm

I’m waiting to find out if it’ll be live-streamed.



Wooo! niiiice! :smiley: so that’s about…+8 hrs from GR time so around 11am-12 pm my time and around afternoon my time for the 9th. perfect! :smiley:

best of success for both demos! :smiley:

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2:15 am (I realllllllllly hope i’m sleeping for this one! :joy: :sleeping:)
9:00 pm

Hopefully will be able to make the 2nd one!

Very exciting!


09.15 morning my time working in office :cry:
04:00 middle of the night - sleeping and dreaming of eyewire :sleeping:

@Nik calculated wrong way? your times are 10:15 morning and 05.00 night/morning :grin:


Yeeep @susi ! 09:15 and 04:00 for me too :wink:

9am, front of the screen with a warm cofee :yum: :sunglasses:

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lol at those hours there won’t be anyone in ew to answer q’s :stuck_out_tongue: and at 10:30 my time it’s the db backup so no inspecting /reaping etc either lol

Found out there is not a livestream. Glad some of you guys can be online for the demo!

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Thanks for being online during the wee hours for yesterday’s demo! This audience member yells “someone answered!!” :slight_smile:


:yum: Always we like to answer at any Live demo !

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