Lightning tutorial - No progress bar


when I do the lightning/relic/whateveritiscalled tutorial I do not get a progress bar and it doesnt show my progress through the tutorial either. I even did enough cubes with the required accurancy with no effect whatsoever. I tried resetting the tutorial and the first one works perfectly, but it has no effect on the second one.

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Hi mikulda1,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Level 2 tutorial. This 2nd tutorial is a little bit different (and bit more difficult) from the first tutorial. There are 2 stages:

  1. The first stage consists of playing six cubes with a progress/accuracy bar. You must have at least a continuous 90% accuracy on six cubes in-a-row in order to pass to the next stage.

  2. The second stage consists of playing six cubes without a progress/accuracy bar. You must have at least a continuous 80% accuracy on six cubes in-a-row in order to finish the tutorial.

It sounds like you passed the first stage, but are now stuck in the second stage. This stage is the most difficult to pass. If you’re accuracy drops below 80% on one of your six cubes, you get bumped back to the beginning and must attempt six more cubes.

You can keep track of what cube you are currently on in your six-cube streak by looking at the upper left corner of your screen. Next to the overview button, it will say “Practice 1 of 6” or “Practice 2 of 6” etc. You will know if you get bumped backwards because the cube number will reset to “Practice 1 of 6” after a low (below 80%) submission. The accuracy of your submission will appear with the leaderboard (you’ll start earning points too).

Level 2 tutorial is tough but has high rewards (double points!) when you’ve completed it. Some of our seasoned players took several months to finally pass the Level 2 tutorial, so don’t feel discouraged. If you’re having trouble, we suggest you take a break and play/practice more on Level 1 cells. Feel free to ask in chat for help on non-tutorial cubes as well. Good luck!

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No, it doesnt say practice 1 of 6 there, just cube #24847 and I dont earn any points.

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There is no badge in your profile for Lightning tutorials, so you haven’t passed them yet, maybe you refreshed or somehow changed cell to an artifact (Lv 1)?

Some cubes have nothing to add and therefore give few points, any points less than 50 won’t be shown in chat.

Cube #24847 is a training cube in the level 2 tutorial. Usually when you first are given a cube, it will tell you the cube id # first and then the type will reset to tell you what practice cube # you are in. It sounds like you may have encountered a bug.

If you trace the cube and submit, are you getting a leaderboard pop-up when you click “Move On”?

What browser/OS are you using? Certain browsers can cause odd bugs.

If you could also please post a screenshot of your screen while in one of these tutorial cubes, this would help me greatly to understand what is happening.

If email is more convenient, you can email us at in addition to contacting us thru the forums.

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I reset the tutorial, redid the first one and got this:

I am using chrome on win8.

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Thank you for the screenshots!

EDIT: We figured out your problem. There was a bug where if you reset before fully passing the level 2 tutorial, it will treat the first stage of the level 2 tutorial as already passed. This means that you received no progress bar and no points (because in the db you previously received points for this stage of tutorial as before). This also means that it did not identify your cubes as “Practice 1 of 6” but simply by their natural cube IDs.

We have reset your status in the level 2 tutorial so you will need to replay both stages. Your level 2 tutorial experience should be as I described in my first response to you above. Remember stage 2 of the tutorial does not have a progress bar and requires 6 cubes in a row to have an accuracy of 80% or better.

Please do NOT reset your tutorial until you have fully passed Level 2. If you need a break from Level 2, it will pick up from where you last left off (just not the same exact cube, but the same spot). Good luck!

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Thank you very much… You’re a great support team…