Level 2 accuracy


How do I get my level 2 accuracy higher. I can get my level 1 accuracy above 90% but my level 2 stays below 70%. Any suggestions?


Hi Brainless17,

There are lots of tips and tricks for getting better at playing Eyewire :slight_smile:

If you type !tips into the chat, there is a blog post explaining how accuracy is calculated and some general tips on playing better: https://blog.eyewire.org/tips-to-raise-your-f-score/

  • Change the 2D plane/view and toggle between X, Y and Z as this gives you a different angle to find the continuation of a branch or determine that a branch ends

  • Be sure to check the the little bits that stick out from a branch, they will often have a rounded “nub” that needs to be added

Check out review mode after you submit a cube and keep an eye on your activity tracker to track the progress of the accuracy of cubes you’ve played: https://blog.eyewire.org/activity-tracker/

  • Looking at the solutions of cubes that you had low accuracy on can help build experience and understanding :slight_smile:

Ask your fellow players for help! Mentors or admins can watch you play a few cubes or help you understand how to untangle a difficult cube. Currently, we’re playing some difficult Level 2 cells called “bipolar cells”. Bipolars tend to have tricky angles and large “blobs” that need to be filled in.

Hope these helps!


What is the difference in level 1 and level 2 accuracy.
Where can I read about level 2?


Level 2 cells are called relics and a bit harder to trace than level 1. Level 2 accuracy is for relics and bipolars, and level 1 accuracy is for artifacts.
Also what do you mean by “read” about level 2?