Kfay is in vacation!

Hi Girls, guys, pets and all !

As i had no time this July to play and as i leave tomorow morning for Andalucia, i wanted to say you all all a BIG Hi and a BIG bye ^^
I leave for 1 month and a half without computer and internet connection, so all i’ll have is my 4G data to connect on the forum for sharing my colorfull days, sunfull smiles and pictures of course !

As i really like you all guys, i just wanted to share this here :slight_smile: So see ya all soon and all of you have a great summer !

Kfay, Tony

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Have fun ^^

enjoy your vacation, hope it’s not too hot :sunglasses:

:kissing_heart: just arrived en elche, juste as warm as it need to be ! Enjoy EW guys !

Have a great vacation!

Thanks guys ! Yesterday trip in guadalest’s castle :

Hi! Sorry I was busy prepping for school, so I haven’t been on for a while.
But that sounds like a lot of fun! Keep sending us updates =]

Thanks peridot :wink: yeah thé first week was a really lot of fun and stressless days :slight_smile:

Little game, find the little 15cm kitties !

Some pictures from my dad house, juste amazing place ! Beautifull garden with oranges trees, lemon, fig, almond, olives, chicken coop for fresh morning eggs and so more ! :heart_eyes:

32°C today at 3pm

BIG hugs all !

Hi Eyewires !

Hope you all have a good August summer ans keep tracing like you are… beautifully !

Some pictures of my actual week :kissing_heart:

32°C beach after a good dinner in a night-club restaurant, in the “vila joiosa” (joy town) ans its full colored bouses near the beach :sunglasses:

Then, picking almond and crush them all (my friend, not me :yum: )!

And today I washed 3 kitties from conjunctivitis, 2 hours cleaning with infused chamomile

Now going to almeria and albox to see my oldest family for the end of week ! Will send you some dry landscape pictures :sweat_smile:

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Wow! These pictures are awesome!! Now I wanna go there!
Also, that one beach picture kinda makes the palm tree in the background look like your hair :joy_cat:
Keep sending more pictures =]

Thanks ! Do like my hair too :joy: :grin:

Now in Albox, an old town in andalucia where my dad born. These landscape are used for old western movies, there’s a fake studio town in the other side of the mountains !

I so like the post apocalyptic look of andalucia landscape :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Picture took from one of my cousin’s pub, all of the town is potentially a part of my family’s property :joy::joy::laughing:

More to come tomorrow during daylight !

Hugs from a so good dancing night !

Today some albox town pictures, for historical purpose ! Always start with some dry landscape :

Andalucia, like spain, is very religious. La santa maria is the insign of albox, like all its churches in every part of the town.

La rambla, a dried river since an hundred of years :

The small Sunday market, specific location to buy true regionals fruits, vegetables and especially dried tomatoes and peppers for making albondigas, paella, migas… Very pointy andalucian recipe you will never eat if you do not know someone native from this country.

Statue from the central place. It represent a farmer helping his tired horse to climb the mountain

What do you think it is ?

(Letter box :wink:)

As bonus, a fresh natural egg from our hen

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hey Tony
Nice interesting pics, glad you enjoy vacas, hugs :smile_cat:

Thanks Susi ! Here a cool yesterday picture :innocent:
Easy life, good sun, stressless…:sunglasses:

lol, pic rather looks like you are a bit suffering in the heat…

but better than here, we have only about 10-15 degrees C. Cumulate the warmth and bring it back to central europe :slight_smile: