Issues with adding addons


When adding some custom addons, it shows a warning that it’s not part of the curated list in, but when opened, the post does not exist. What’s more, after adding the addons, a popup shows to reload the page, but after reloading, the scripts are gone. However, when I deleted the cookies and cache, I could add 1 script, but once I added the other script, it disappears again after reloading. There seems to be no error messages in the console. Eyewire pls fix

Edit: It seems that I can only add 1 script at any given time.

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if you enable the addon version of the script disable the TM version of it, and visa versa, having both versions of same script enabled at the same time can/will/might cause probs/conflicts.
maybe this helps.


I actually already uninstalled Tampermonkey at the time of the issue.

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Hi random,

We are looking into correcting that bad hyperlink on the pop-up box. As for adding new scripts, you can only add a new script one at a time. So you will need to add a script, refresh. Then add the next script, refresh, etc. (I’m guessing that you want to add KK’s scripts, rather than the supported versions we have already running on Eyewire).

If you’re still having trouble, please let us know and include your OS, browser info (and if possible a console screenshot so we can see if there are any errors).


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