Is this a merger?(합쳐짐인가요?)


75624번 세포(아티팩트 3.15a) 1582, 12943, 5814 이거 합쳐짐인가요? X축과 Z축으로 보면 합쳐짐의 경계가 뚜렷히 보이는데 Y축으로 보면 정상적인 것같아 문의드립니다.

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영어 채팅방에도 알렸습니다.

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Yes, that’s a small AI fused merger, because of damage in the borders in the 2D slides the AI has fused two different parts together. Try colouring around it, in this case the correct trace should start from the part of the AI touching cube walls. Ignore the other bit.

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