Is there a way to look at the full 3D view of a cube?

When you’re working with a cube is there a way to “cheat” and look at the 3D version to get an Idea of what’s what’s?

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Hi Brainless17,

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’d like to be able to preview the 3D segments in the cube before selecting them in 2D?

We do have an “experimental” option called 3D Select (or “Magic Mode”) that you can enable under the Experimental Features in the Settings menu. This mode allows you to hover around your segment to preview the surrounding segments in 3D before clicking to add them to your trace.

You can read about this mode and how it works here: 3D Magic Mode

Please note that it’s an experimental feature, so it’s not fully supported and some bugs may occur.

If I misunderstood your question, please let us know!


if you are using google chrome you can press esc and go to the 3d view of the whole cell, when you click start playing again, you will get the same cube with all trace you have done still in cube. keep in mind that the cube will turn around when entering it again.
If you are using firefox this feature are not working and you will lose all your tracing and get a new cube. for other browsers i am unsure what will happen.


Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. The first cube I worked I found a hidden leg that was worth 50% of the points that I would have missed without the 3D look. Just wish it didn’t rotate when changing screens.

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Just be careful to not take in more from 3d than what you can see in 2d. Sometimes there might be edgetraces that are not possible too see in 2d, but easy to see in 3d. If you take in this trace the other people playing the cube will miss it. Usually the rest of the trace will spawn in another cube, but if it don´t a scythe will have too reap it in.

But if in dubt while playing in 2d it can be useful to look at it in 3d

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you can use visualization tools or software that supports 3D rendering. Applications like Blender, Tinkercad, or even software specific to the cube you’re working with may offer a 3D preview mode, allowing you to better understand its structure and design.