Is there a method of turning off chat?

Not only is the language being used frequently distracting, it’s obnoxious for players who are used to playing in an adult game.

At the moment, there is no way any responsible parent would allow their child to play eyewire - which is a shame, as younger children may have the talents and persistence you are hoping for.

By not having a family friendly chat - and no way to shut chat off - you are limiting the age group of players considerably.

as far as i know, typing /silence is enough

Hi auntdeen,

I definitely agree with that.  I think at some point, we will introduce some sort of language filter.  You can turn off the chat, but it’s pretty non-obvious how, so we should make it more obvious.  We’ve just been busy with other things, so it hasn’t happened yet.

It’s a difficult balance, because I think introducing chat has been one of the best things we’ve done for improving the community so far.  It’s too bad that a few bad eggs tend to spoil it.

“It’s too bad that a few bad eggs tend to spoil it.”

Actually you have a really nice community here. In any other online game an obnoxious brat would have claimed to have a sexual relationship with at least one member of my family… but not here on Eyewire. People are nice to each other - I really like that. :slight_smile:

And is there a method of turning it back on?

type /silence again :slight_smile: