Is it possible to print out pdf certificates showing your Achievements?

Was wondering if it was possible to print out records of Achievements in this game.

Many people including careers advisors and employers may not have heard of this game.

How can I and others prove that they contributed to a citizen science project and obtain printed records of our contributions and Achievements?

Thank you

Hi Rattus,

I believe it is possible to get you a list of your achievements.  I will forward your request along to the developers. If you’d like to send us an email with this re quest to, that will help us make sure we send you the list directly rather than posting in the forum.

Previously, when we published our paper in Nature we accredited all the current Eyewire players who contributed to the data behind the paper. This is one of the ways we reward Eyewire players for contributing to science!  However, I believe you joined after the paper so your suggestions of a list of your achievements in Eyewire is a good point.