Images don´t load anymore

For some weeks now the images of the cubes don´t load anymore. There´s only the square pattern ant the blue of the neuron. I haven´t changed anything in that time, so i´m wondering what´s the problem. can someone help?

Hey ninab, sorry to hear about this issue.  A hard refresh of your browser might help.  We’ve sped up the image loading (about 20%) in just the last week, so this might fix the issue.  Can you let me know if this helps at all?

I’m new to the project, and I also have this problem. The slice image textures don’t show up in my browser.

Hi luciepix.  Is this happening on every cube or just some of them?  Also, which browser are you using?  Google Chrome tends to be the most compatible with Eyewire.  If you’re only getting the checkerboard with some cubes, I would suggest skipping those and just doing the ones that do work.  


I did the tutorial but I only get checkerboard and no image. I’m using Safari on Mac.
What can I do ?

I switched to Firefox and now I can see the image, just completed the tutorial. Great

Awesome, glad it’s working for you now!

ok, i got firefox now and it´s working again. thx!