Image loading order / zoom extents

Two things feel like they’re making it unnecessarily hard for me to play eyewire on a laptop:

1) rotate/pan to have a good look at small seeds or fragments without a scroll wheel
A shortcut to center and auto-zoom/ “zoom extents” the 3D view would make working on small fragments much more convenient. Speaking of which… a lot of times the center of rotation feels like it is outside of the bounding volume of the current coloring, causing the volume of interest to pan out of view when I’m trying to rotate it.
2) most of the time the loading order of the four quadrant subimages is such that the quadrant containing the coloring is loaded LAST. This is intensely frustrating. Please have a look at the loading order and see if you can tweak it a little bit :slight_smile:

Hi helge,

Thanks for the feedback.  There’s one tip I can give off the bat.  If you alt click anywhere in the 2d it will center the 3d on the place that you clicked.  I agree that it would be nice if it would automatically do what you described, but this might help for now.

Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about load order.  We issue requests for all for regions in parallel and it’s a race.  We don’t even know where the segment will be until the data is downloaded.  Sorry.