Image: bipolar cells receiving inputs from cones

Came across this interesting image today

Bipolar: green
Cones: red

I wrote to the author Wei Li asking what blue dots are. Will update!


that is sooooo cool!


is that how the bp cells really looks like when connected to a cb so what we would trace as 11 different cells is in reality only one?


I’m still trying to get an answer to this!

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Found article:

It’s rabbit retina, cells look perhaps a bit different in mouse retina.
First thought green looks like horizontal cell in mouse retina:

but certainly author is correct :slight_smile:
Cell bodies of bipolars are out of dataset in our set, and we only see the dendrites. @annkri , and i think dendrites in our set are just expanding less laterally then in rabbit-eye (only one cell).
After studying a bit the original paper, i would say:

green: dendritic field of off-cone bipolar cell (Ba1) in rabbit-eye. Cell contacts with red and blue
red: cone pedicles
blue: rod spherules