Idea of new scoring system?

So recently, I have been playing many ‘fill in the blank’ cells. Which are, they have giant seed, while I have to fill in all the dusts or else I get low accuracy. I am fine with that, but what really triggers me, is that most of time it does not reward with enough points, even though they take almost as long as 750-1000(1500-2000) point cubes. I usually get only 200 points at most. In my opinion, those kind of cubes should give more points.

(I am very persuasive right)

hey june!
There are cubes on the opposite, where you have small seed, and make one click to fill out a lot and get many points in few time.
Imo points system is quite fair, when you look at the average

Yeah, I agree with those kind of cubes awarding me lots of points, but still, I get the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ cubes more often, and usually they take about same amount of effort. So, yeah. Just my opinion.