I have Questions ..?



#3420565 i’m worried … is this a Merger … when yes why shows missing ?


#3420552 … ??

#3418510 without the red Trace how can the yellow Link missing ??

#3420555 Eyewire gave me these 2 massiv Parts … i added only smal pices
now is on Part wrong ?

#3420836 … ??

#3420378 the red part is wrong ??

#3418529 again the red Part … ?

#3419614 the last … ??

Thanks for the Time to explain :wink: Meinhard


#3420565 : your yellow trace is correct, green merger. You were TB-er, second player added merger and system added that wrong trace and rejected yours (wrongly), 3rd player played as you, and system said, "ok, this is correct now*…
#3420552 is a fused merger: AI overcolors a lot into wrong neuron. Your red/ my green in following pic. I marked where it overcolors. When overcoloring is as bad as in this case - wrong part reaches edge of cube and would spawn wrongly, we do not color, thus the empty space in overview.

#3418510 You took the wrong trace (it turned dupli, and obvious to belong in other cell). It’s again a slight overspill of the AI-coloring needing to leave a gap. Go into z-plane, there you see best which is correct trace.
(added backtrace to your coloring)

#3420555 and #3420836 it’s the same fused merger described above in first entry. Red wrong, belongs to other neuron. And you could see just looking at the pic that there something must be wrong.

#3420378 #3418529 #3419614 red correct, reaped in

Hope, i could help, you can always ask in chat, is probably faster. But do not ask after you just Trailblazed and have error (unless you suggest a merger), sometimes things correct by own after 3 players have played.

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Thanks susi
It is and remains complicated … :wink:



#3419780 OK the big blob wrong gone but the 2 other Parts … realy ?

#3422905 my alternativ Version … maybe ?



#3422905 added your reds.
#3422905 cyan merger, see slight borders, and out outline of this branch doesn’t resemble at all branches of the current cell (might be glia)

I think, you should get a scout, you then can log your cubes directly in eyewire. Interested? I would sponsor you :slight_smile:


Hi susi

Thanks for the trust an advance

My english is just enough
but to discuss in Eyewire the topic of Neuroscience ohoh
and I’m just starting to understand the real Eyewire Stuff like Merger …

I read your Scout Manual :+1: a lot … to know … to learn
I found a little Mistake “bis _anhin gefärbt” a d is missing

Interested mhh :thinking:



grumbles found one :upside_down_face:


I’m being tested right now or …:wink:

#3423923 someone added Yellow but has not finished the work …


#3423923 lol. only darkblue and green in your pic is correct (this is also consensus now at weight 3)
#3423597 your yellow is merger, see backtrace in green in my pic. And there is even merger on merger :slight_smile:

I would prefer you asking for help in chat. Your english is good, and worst case if i am around you can ask me in german…
your accu is quite good, more than good enough for getting a scout. Lol, and usually players read scouts manual only when they have been promoted…



2 Hours … build the surrounding Traces look turn thinking … and again :upside_down_face:
I know the AI says NO
but anyhow i think it is all one Trace




Maybe the red Parts make a Bridge to the light blue … ?


the red in #3424304 is a classical glial merger think also green and blue is part of this merger.

think #3424249 also is part of the glial merger (not sure because they are already removed from play) but agree that red belong to this seed, not 100 % sure about light blue but it could belong.


Thanks annkri


Hi mbb 480, #3420565: yes yellow branch is merger. It will still be mentioned as “missing” as far as a scythe or scout did not detect it and reap it away. After the consensus had been updated and yellow branch been removed, it will no longer be shown in cube as “missing”. :wink:


Thanks Gruenewitwe



… no one in the Chat …
#3428250 A Merger … 2 Merger ?
I think the Yellow Part is wrong and i found some missing Parts :wink:
and another Merger the long light blue Trace


3428250 removed yellow


Thumbs up :wink:



The red Part is wrong ?

The Yellow Trace … is wrong ?



#3427120 think the AI is wrong the 2 red are OK and add the light blue

#3430704 Merger