Hunt Cell Volunteer List (2020)


Hey Scythes & Mystics!

As published here on the blog, this year HQ is switching up how we incorporate player volunteers for the Hunt. Rather than say players qualify based on how they did on the Hunt prior to the next one, we’re just going to do an open volunteer list. Therefore, if you like preparing Hunts or are curious about it, you can be contacted year round about Hunt prep opportunities; and if you would rather just play in Hunts, there may now seem less pressure. :smile:

If you’d like to join the volunteer list, this post is here to give you a quick link for filling out the form:

You will be contacted when the next Hunt prep window is coming up, and at that time you can decide whether you’re interested! Hunt preppers will still be rewarded with the Games Maker badge and a bonus equal to finding all 12 mergers at the closest distance. Remember that to prepare the Hunt, you must be a Scythe or higher because you must be able to reap cubes.

Many thanks to those of you who have helped us make the Hunt a more regular event!

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