How to switch from overview back to tracing WITHOUT changing the cube?

I cannot access the Wiki from where I’m located at (firewall/gwy-filter :frowning: - its classified as “games”-website) so i’ll ask here:

Sometimes while tracing it is a good idea to switch to overview for orientation.
yet, I don’t know how to switch back to tracing
-  the obvious (hit the start button) doesn’t work for me, because it does give me a new cube everytime (animation switched on)
so how can I switch back to tracing without losing my current cube?


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Won’t find this info in the wiki, this info ask in chat :smiley:

you’re using Firefox, switch in chrome, there is a bug in firefox that changes cube when you exit to overview.

in chrome there is no such bug so you can go to overview, reclick start playing and be in the same cube but changed axis (alt+left mouse drag in 2D).
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thank you, Nseraf
I guess I’ll have to do without, then - stuck with FF, unfortunately :frowning:

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opera doesn’t have the bug either as far as I know.

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