How to scout correctly


I´ve been promoted being scout on Friday evening, but got some trouble with installing scouts log.(After a few log-out and log-in everything is fine now :slight_smile: ). Therefore I couldn´t really follow the regular tutorial another scout wanted to give.The next day (Saturday) chat didn´t work either, so I couldn´t ask somebody :slightly_frowning_face: .So I tried to inspect cubes on my own and marked 7.

Question 1: How do I get information, that my flaging was right? In history of scouts log none of the marked 7 cubes are listed.

Question 2: I know I had only have to check cubes weight 4/lvl 1 and 3/lvl 2. After I had chosen one I often saw it was yet inspected. Shall I ignore this and inspect it a second time?(what I´ve done so far).

Question 3: After inspecting and making an entry in scouts log I flag the cube or before? I think I had a few done and then forgotten to flag. Hope it´s not grave :wink: .I only realized a bit later by missing getting points.
And for better representation in screenshots I always work with Explore mode enabled, right?

Question 4: I inspected a cube and didn´t find anything wrong or missing, cube looks ok. Do I still have to make a note in scouts log, e.g. cube marked “good” , or do nothing and quit the cube? “Scythe complete” only the Scythes use?

There was a misunderstanding btw. with the screenshot button on the right side/panel. I didn´t know til Friday evening, that 3D screenshot doesn´t work, only 2D (which I sometimes use).During the tutorial the scout mentioned it. Was a bit confusing. Now I know that there will be made a screenshot automacically in scouts log after submitting entry :smiley: .

Thank you in advance, Melanie

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Hey :slight_smile:

A1: unfortunately the only existing way is to keep a personal txt file of cubes you flag and check them up after a bit and see if scythe who checked/reaped left any comments etc/what they did in cube etc.

Q2: lv1 wt 3, lv2 in theory wt 2 but wt 3 might fix something wt 2 missed so you can wait to wt 3 if you want on both lvls until cubes are wt 3+, i do, unless it’s a dupe. But when you inspect and/or flag a cube you don’t change the consensus, only reaping does that (and ofc normal play submiting a cube). So, probably what happened the cube was for example wt 1 when you inspected and by the time you escape’d back to ov. someone had submitted that cube adding +1 weight to it, changing the consensus and thus what you “saw” in cube when you inspected at wt 1. An added reason as to why I’d advice waiting until wt 2/3 or even 4 to inspect. Depends on the case though.

Q3: Logging and then forgetting to flag is “ok” when you flag it lets out a “signal flare” to any scythes looking at ov that that cube’s got something wrong. The important thing is to log ALWAYS flag or no flag otherwsie we can’t know what is wrong with the cube or why you flagged. My advice would be you inspect the cube, if/when you find something wrong/missing, mark that “something” with explore mode, then click new entry, new entry will auto-grab the 2d+3d thus making an accurate/correct pic. write whatev. comments and save. Then flag.

Each flag will add +1 in “scythe” in your profile, which if/when you get scythe promo will continue on as reaps.

Q4: No, if you don’t find anything wrong with it, missing nub, branch or merger there’s no reason to log or flag just b/c you inspected, just escape to ov. and onwards to the next suspect cube.

Scythe complete is indeed 99.9999% a scythe+ option, it lets other scythes/admins know that a cube has been reaped by a scythe and a 2nd scythe must/should check it out, give it a 2nd vote and set the entry to good or reap in case 1st scythe made a mistake, then set to good and complete. As a scout I don’t think you’ll be needing it much, lol.


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Hi Nseraf, thank you for your fast comment. Helped a lot! Many things look better now, so I can look forward to play again :smiley: . Just waited to get some answers before doing stupid things in scouts log :wink: . Was so sorry for Hewhoamareimyself Friday ev., who couldn´t do anything because of the installing problem.

Til tomorrow, see you and thanks for your detailed comment! Melanie


youre very welcome :slight_smile: and (if chat isnt down lol) feel free and encouraged to ask in scouts channel stuff someone will reply with answer(s) :slight_smile:


Thanks for these answers, Nik!

@Gruenewitwe sorry the game wasn’t working for you and hope you’re getting going in scouthood!


Hello amy,
this evening saw your post, would have answered earlier, I didn´t expect any new posts :slight_smile: . After 1 week of scouting I´m feeling much better and susi and Nik taught me a lot during this time! And of course I sometimes asked the chat for help. It´s a great community! Everything´s fine :grinning:, Melanie