How to reproduce a bug with random freezing of controls?



Since Zandronum v2 I’ve experienced a bug with the Linux client where the keyboard suddenly stops working, i.e. the game does not react to any input, yet the game itself runs normally, enemies (and other players) continue their merry ways. I basically have to killall zandronum to get out of the situation.
It happens after I enter the message mode by pressing the default T (binded to say) or right after entering the console via a binded key. But it does not happen every time, it’s mostly random as I cannot find the real trigger for it but it when it happens it’s always after I’ve pressed T or the console key.
I’ve seen this happen on four different computers, all running Ubuntu. Its an issue with the current stable v3 and it was also an issue with the previous version v2.
How should I try to reproduce this? Would running a debug build help?

Any help will be apprecited.

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