How much the cube size is?

I read the data set wiki E2198, found the training data slices is about 10MB or so, with the size is about 240pixel240pixe240pixel. According to this, I calculated that one cube is EyeWire is about 18MB or so; is the result correct? How the size is after JPEG compression. Are these the highest-resolution images available?

How can a cube immediately been loaded to browser? Any computer technology used in the web site, such as web socket.

I find the the memory of my IE exploer take 500MB~1GB while I play EyeWire, if a cube is just 18MB size, which part of program take the most of memory.

I am a Chinese and very interested in the game, I am so sorry that I am not good at English, so I attach my questions in Chinese for my vogue expression.

Question1: 每个Cube的数据量有多大?JPEG压缩之后的数据量有多大?
Question2: 游戏可以立即加载这么大的cube,网站采用什么技术达到这样的效果?Web Socket?Prefetching Cubes?
Question3: 游戏运行中浏览器占用内存达到500MB~1GB,是什么原因造成如此大内存开销?渲染?计算?


Thank you very much.

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