How is accuracy figured?

Why does making one huge mistake on a cube take my accuracy from 78% down to 44%. (I admit that is was a huge mistake but I went back and looked at it from every angle and don’t think I could have made any other decision.)
Anyway, second, why does playing 15-20 more cubes and getting high 90’s or 100’s on all but 2, I’m only back to 46.1%?

hi the accuracy is calculated based on how many voxels are corrects/wrong in the last 60 cubes so a cube were you add a lot will have a huge impact, while a cube with little or nothing to add will have almost no impact on the accuracy. The seed will not count in the calculation so even if it is a huge trace but you only add some dust is will have little impact.
Also the accuracy will be corrected if someone else trace the cube and change the consensus or a scyhte reap the cube for some reason. In the last case you can get unlucky that the seed was wrong and the scyhte had to reap in something else instead, even if you had traced it correctly from what you had to work with.

personally i think this page is a huge help to see what cube is wrong and how much impact it has.

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"Also the accuracy will be corrected if someone else trace the cube and change the consensus or a scyhte reap the cube "
This may explain why I started at 47% this morning did 9 and 7 were high 90’s 2 were 90 and at the end my acc. was 44%.

It could also be that some of the cubes you traced earlier for instance cube - 62 was a big cube you traced correct while the cubes you traced today was small, so the total number of voxels is less than when you started this morning. so the wrong trace is a higher percentage.
if you look at the link i shared earlier you will see where the mistake is. you can change betwheen lvl 1 and 2 cubes in upper corner

If you make a significant error on a cube, it can heavily impact your accuracy because the mistake might outweigh many smaller correct actions. This is why a single large error could drop your accuracy from 78% to 44%.
When trying to recover your accuracy by playing more cubes and performing well, the increase is gradual. This is because each new cube contributes a smaller proportion to the total number of actions. Even several high scores will incrementally affect the overall accuracy, making the climb back up slower than the fall.

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I see. A 25 point correct cube is not going to make much progress against a 1000 point mistake.