How fast can accuracy be calculated?

Hi everyone. I’m posting this as a question but I think it might lead to a feature request. How fast can a accuracy (F score) be calculated for a single cube? If it is as fast as calculating for a player’s score, then, Can it be possible to show both score and accuracy after a cube is submitted?

It might guide players to be more careful for the next cube. Though the system currently allows players to see their accuracy through their profile, this is cumulative and may not necessarily show how well or how badly one cube was traced.

Hey Martyy_plp,

Unfortunately calculating accuracy isn’t as fast as calculating a score, we need a few days to be able to calculate accuracy, so it doesn’t work well for immediate feedback.

In see. I noticed that accuracy can sometimes drop immediately after a cube has been badly played. How about if it will just show how much temporary increase or decrease the cube will cause to the current accuracy?

Hey it’s Ben again. This is also an interesting idea. I’ll pass it on to the developers. Thanks again :slight_smile: