How do you describe Eyewire to someone who has never heard of it?


I’m curious how you explain the game, like your one paragraph intro.

Mine is generally something like (from the perspective of being asked “what do you do?” at events):

Our lab is focused on connectomics, mapping circuits of neurons and the synapses between them. We start with nanoscale images taken with electron microscopes and build AI to semi-automate the reconstruction of 3D cells that have grown in the brain. But the AI gets tripped up easily so we built an online game, Eyewire, that allows anyone anywhere to map neurons by solving 3D puzzles. There’s an awesome collaborative community of participants - Eyewirers. So far they’ve charted new circuits and even discovered six new types of neurons!


thanks ill make a business card with that on it and hand it out to people that want to know what i do since i retired :slight_smile:


i work for a Computational Neuroscience Lab at Princeton. Reconstructing neurons into 3d images


Like those addicting puzzle games you play on your phone… except it’s actually useful :slightly_smiling_face:


I do this like once a month. I say ‘Digitizing a brain.’ If pressed, I say ‘A mouse retina.’ On Eyewire, I call it a ‘3D coloring book.’


I actually like this, since I need to make a speech for my school presentation about EyeWire lol

For me, I’d describe it as a 3D jigsaw puzzle where you have to fill in the missing pieces


You’re making a school presentation about Eyewire? Awesome! If you want I’d be happy to share any slides from my presentations over the years :slight_smile:


It would be funny to tell someone that I create data that Princeton keeps up with on the daily. Moving and progressing this world forward. But that would be cray lol


OMG thank you so much! I will email you as soon as possible.


The way I’ve described it to my friends and coworkers is “A game where the players help an AI map out mouse neurons. It’s kinda like a coloring book in 3d.” I get one of 3 responses, either they get really excited and I wind up pulling up the ew fb page and showing them completed neurons, or they give me side eye and slowly scooch away, or I get a blank stare lol.


it’s true!


do they ever ask you how the game maps your brain?