How do players trailblaze?

Hi i’m just wondering about trailblazing. I just know that all players are given random cubes, everyone has no idea if he is a trailblazer until he submits his cube, and everyone can be a trailblazer. So I want to know, is it possible for two players to be working on the same cube at the same time? If that is so, then the one who submits first would be the only trailblazer. This might not be fair for the other one who submits later.

Oh finally, I just got my first trailblaze after almost 8 months of playing. I just think that there is a greater chance to trailblaze if you’re working on a new cell!  well, it worked for me…

Hi Marty,

Yes, it is possible to for two players to be working on the same cube at the same time. We don’t have a lockout on cubes - this is to speed up the tracing process (imagine if someone left their computer while tracing in a cube we wouldn’t be able to see the results/grow the branch until they returned and submitted it!).  There is a greater chance that you will trailblaze on a newer cell. Remember trailblazing depends on your accuracy score as well - you must have an accuracy of at least 80% to trailblaze. This accuracy is updated weekly, you can check your accuracy by clicking on your name profile.


Oh, okay. Thanks for confirming that. It’s just that I thought that my slow internet and outdated hardware will stop me from getting my chance. I would have given up on all of this if i never got my chance to trailblaze. But fortunately, I finally did and now I know that it is really a possibility and anyone (with at least 80% accuracy) can do it…

Hi martyy,

I’m glad you’re trailblazing now! If you’re having trouble with your internet and computer speed, you can click on settings button (the gear wheel in the bottom right corner).  There are two settings that you can adjust for loading speed of Eyewire on your computer.


I’ve actually set them already. But it’s not really a big problem. It just makes me sad sometimes that I could only do so little with the long times I sometimes spend with Eyewire. It’s also disheartening when you’re a little excited to work on a cube and the images just keep on freezing when they have to load… But I still won’t quit doing this…

Glad to hear you’re going to keep with it, it sounds from your other post like you’re computer handles the cubes better at the local coffee shop?  Also–the devs are looking into the no chat on broadband issue you’re also having.

I think it’s working now, whatever they’re doing with the broadband issue… i already have chat just now :smiley:

Awesome, welcome to chat!

Well i haven’t been tracing for 8 month yet, still i wonder if ther are any other requirements to possibly be assigned a trailblazing cube.

I was tracing on mystery 51a and 51b last night and though there were more than “50 cubes available” on each (oversight, cell selection), I was prompted for both, that in this cell there were “no more cubes available to me”.
My conclusion: 50+ cubes available for trailblazes but I am not allowed to…?

not whining, just curious…
Somewhere here in the FAQ or the wiki I read it takes >80% accuracy as a prerequisite, I am at 89.9 since this week…

Hey Walty, 

That is actually a known bug we have right now on the mystery cells. This has nothing to do with your accuracy or how long you have been playing. 

Our devs are working on fixing this but in the meantime I would suggest try the Starburst cells. If you get placed in the tutorial when you go play the starburst cells you should be able to trace them.

I’m sorry about all that, hopefully we will have it fixed soon. 


thx for clarification!