How do eyes perceive motion/Psychology Today blog!

There was an interesting blog today about EyeWire.  Michael Anderson from Psychology Today talks a bit about the project and a lot about how the eyes (and in particular the cells we've been reconstructing here on EyeWire)  perceive motion.  It's a good read and a good way to ease into learning about the scientific side of EyeWire.  

Give it a read and hit us with any questions you might have!

Thanks, Rachel, for the head’s up (pun intended!)… this relates to something Sebastian said during the vidcon about our upcoming tasks :slight_smile:

Ooh! Check this too

Thanks for posting this blissdish! Really interesting paper, and definitely relevant to what we’re interested in here in the lab :) 

Great articles,

  And now I can get a grasp on the idea of “tunnel vision” , I - and others tend to get at times.

  The signals of something you’re doing, come in at a constant angle, exciting those receptors, while the others are not.  COOL.!

  I love web sites like these where I can learn different things that are interesting to me. 

  If the above statement IS NOT correct, someone let me know.  Otherwise - happy Eyering everyone!!

I once learned that motion detection in human vision could be modelled by so called bilocal detectors (Reichardt detectors). The J-cells that we are mapping here are also supposed to do some motion detection. 

Are these somehow related?