How can I set the 'title' in profile?


Like Nseraf’s ‘The Dragon’ title, How can I set the title like that?:question:

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Not 100% sure if non mods/admins can but if you can click your profile up right corner > settings, and edit the “title” field in there, if not pm me or another mod/admin here in forum with what title you’d like, just in that case (of you can’t) obviously try to not want a change every day :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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Oooo… I have to be mod or higher to get it. It doesn’t appear on my screen…:sob:

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lol what title would you like?


‘The bird’


And I am the bird now!
:arrow_right_hook:(Who did this for me?)

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lol I did :slight_smile:

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Wooo How did you do that???
It is strange as
(/* Just Java Peter van der Linden April 1, 1996. u0050u0076u0064u004cu0020u0031u0020u0041u0070u0072u0039u0036 u002au002fu0020u0063u006cu0061u0073u0073u0020u0068u0020u007b u0020u0020u0070u0075u0062u006cu0069u0063u0020u0020u0020u0020 u0073u0074u0061u0074u0069u0063u0020u0020u0076u006fu0069u0064 u006du0061u0069u006eu0028u0020u0053u0074u0072u0069u006eu0067 u005bu005du0061u0029u0020u007bu0053u0079u0073u0074u0065u006d u002eu006fu0075u0074u002eu0070u0072u0069u006eu0074u006cu006e u0028u0022u0048u0069u0021u0022u0029u003bu007du007du002fu002a */)'s answer is Hi!!


ah…no it’s not strange lol i’m a mod thus i can do that lol.


9.9 Cool! I want to be mod!

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Sure, become 16 years old and request promo from HQ. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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… I am 12y old… 4 years!

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lol, something to look forward to, then :slight_smile:

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