Hourly and Yearly Leaderboard and Offline/Online

1. Hourly and Leaderboard and "Eyewirer of the Year"

First of all, I like the implementation of the leaderboard. But what if we can make it better by adding hourly learderboards and make a “Eyewirer of the Year” awards or something related to it. That would be cool.

2. "[Player] is Offline/Online."

It is very simple. Whenever someone goes online or offline, it shows in chat “[Player] is online/offline.” like in decent multiplayer games. But here’s the thing: If someone spams the online and offline, the game could just mute the person or players could just manually do /offonmute [Player] (or something similar to that) if programmers can’t program the auto mute.

I think these would be more useful and a bit easier for developers to program this than my previous post. Well, these are my opinions so I don’t think these will be really implemented for now.

Thank you for your suggestions! We’re working on redesigning Eyewire’s leaderboard to be a bit more user-friendly. As for the online/offline message, there’s a problem with it cluttering chat up too much with all the announcements of who trailblazed/earned points.

If you’d like to see if a particular player is online, simply type into the chat field: !online username
The chatbot, nkem_test will respond to your query about that player’s online status.

you can also type /list into the chat box and you will get a list of all the players who are currently online that only you can see.

lol how would you award eyewirer of the year? based on points and/or cubes earned/submitted? Because with a player like me in the game that would get pretty boring quite fast for everyone else… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would however love to be able to see all time scores in points cubes tbs and % (which from what I know is already being implemented by HQ).