History in mystics

is there possible to add a history category to the mystic log where every cell we have claimed is visible, like cell one claimed ### claimed as player a with a date and cell ### claimed as player b etc ideally we should also be able to see the status of the cell there like ready for admin or completed.

i also would like it very much if the size of each cell was visible someplace also when it is not ai accelerated

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Something like this?

(I think/hope admins will keep updating it as we complete more cells).

something like it but just automated and only for the cells you have claimed. so more like a merger between that and the history tab, could also have a indicator for how many cubes where added after you finished it to show how much was missed

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Hi Annkri,

We are eventually planning to have a list of the completed cells visible in the Mystic section of Scouts’ Log. We could consider adding the ability to sort for just cells you’ve worked on within this section. I think that would be a good idea. It’s just a matter of how complicated it is to build dev wise. We are still working on updating the Mystic section, so please bear with us while it’s in progress :slight_smile: As Nik mentioned, you can view the current completed cells in the http://blog.eyewire.org/mystic-completed-cells-list/ blog post.

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