Highlighting 2D segments in 3D

Hi all!

I was doing some thinking and I thought that it would be a simple yet useful idea to highlight 2D parts in 3D. Here is how I think it should work. You know how if you double click something in 3D and it jumps to that layer in 2D? Well, maybe we could have it where if you double click a painted seg, (seed or trace) then in 3D it highlights it a different color, so that it is easier to see, so that you don’t have to delete it in 2D, look around in 3D to see if you could see what part it was, then you can’t find it again in 2D, then you just get mixed up…

I know it would be a really small change, but it would be really useful, ESPECIALLY when you are inspecting a cube. Because if not then you would have the same problem as before where you try to find a piece on 3D, so you delete it on 2D and retrace it, but you accidentally lose it on 2D, then you just mess up what was there before.

I am not sure if this is just me being naive or not very attentive (I am speaking from experience, lol) but like I said: it would be a small change but it would help me out a lot, and I suspect a handful of others too. :upside_down: I know I could always use explore mode, but I usually don’t switch to it every time before looking for a segment. That would just be ridiculous!

Thanks :smiley_cat:

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Hi Peridot,

Thanks for the suggestion! I can understand the problem with identifying certain segments. We have had some similar requests for more colors when tracing (especially for those tricky misalignments). We did try doing some fancy highlighting/previewing segments in 3D with our experimental “Magic Mode” (however, it’s not very robust yet so it’s still very beta :wink:). I’ll be sure to pass along your request.



Something you can try, and I often do, is turn explore mode on, delete and undelete the segment you are wanting highlighted, it will come back as green and therefore is easier to see in both the 2d and 3d.

Hope that helps!

Atani :monkey:

edit: i see that you say that using explore mode would be ridiculous, but I promise this is pretty effective and i cannot imagine that trying to highlight segments would be fewer keystrokes


Ok, thank you for all the quick responses!
And about that “Magic Mode”, I would love to test that and give feedback for you guys! I love it when I get to try out things before it is even official :smiley_cat:

Thanks again!
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Go to gear cog icon, turn on “experimental features” go into a cube (normal play or inspect) and press f. lol


Ah thanks. I just needed to know the “press F” part. It is pretty cool!