Grim sightings


Oh no! It appears our beloved Grim is missing!

Maybe we can all pitch in and help find Grim! It’s that spooky kind of season so post your Grim sightings here!


Found this grim. Wonder if he has something to do with the minion floating in the background…


Found another Grim, although this one may be too cute to be ours.


Oh no! Found Grim’s scythe locked in a jewelry store in Boston! Maybe it’s a clue…


Maybe our grim had to go incognito and change his appearance

Or maybe he’s being held captive

Or maybe…

Surely not!


Lol this is great, Atani!

I’ll bet that minion had something to do with Grim, rather than the other way around. And also rather than one of us admins having to do with Grim. Yeah, that sounds about right. :stuck_out_tongue: Turn all your suspicions away from us and towards the minion!


Yes… look at minion >_>


Grim must be in a week phase, looking for an angel


Or even worse, Grim is in love. We just must find his beloved.

I also suggest, that Grim hides in low resolution - he will fail!

But actually I FOUND GRIM hiiding in a cube!!
Grim - i want a hug from you, else i will publish cube-id :slight_smile:


the minion had sent a grim’s doll for secret santa to HQ…maybe Grim knows something we don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


LOOOOOOOL! who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


did come over this scythe in a fort scythe cell completed by grim himself


We have it all wrong guys, Grimmy just wanted some fun in the sun, lol.


grim is exploring in NEO perhaps he have got lost or gotten in love with MSTY


Found Grimmy scaring away kids ts ts ts :stuck_out_tongue:


Tis the grimmy time of year! Check out this grim assortment I found!


oooohhh he even has relatives around xD :stuck_out_tongue:




It’s grim’s time of year again. Multiple sightings around the interwebs!