Google Chrome WebGL optimisation for EyeWire

WITH Win 7 64 (all editions) If you experience some WebGL issue, i recommend you to use a modificated Shortcut to make your life easier.
It’s just a few lines to add in the Chrome Shortcut, so it’s totally and easily reversible just by deleting the line.

1 - Find (don’t clic) your Chrome Browser Shortcut (the icon you click for launching Chrome) on your desktop or in the “START” Menu.
2 - Right clic on it and left clic on “properties”
3 - You’ll see a window like the image below

Here I write for you what you have to add, don’t forget 1 space before :

–flag-switches-begin --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --disable-accelerated-video-decode --disable-touch-adjustment --enable-display-list-2d-canvas --force-gpu-rasterization --enable-unsafe-es3-apis --enable-webgl-draft-extensions --gpu-rasterization-msaa-sample-count=0 --ignore-gpu-blacklist --touch-events=disabled --flag-switches-end

This tip will not affect directly your chrome, because ONLY the Shortcut is modified. So you can do it without any risk. If you want to Revert back, you just need to delete the text previously added.

This will make your EyeWire experience in Chrome just faster and better i hope !

EDIT and WARNING DISCLAMER for advanced modifications if you prefer (WIN 10 users maybe) :

I made a screen to show you all options to modify in chrome://flags under Windows 10 cause the First Shortcut step seem don’t work under win 10.
First, you just need to open your Chrome Browser, clic in the URL field and past “chrome://flags” without the " ")
Second you’ll be on the Flags page.
As write in pic, all need to be like in the picture. It’s a photoshop montage, so you need to search for every options in the full list : BUT WARNING, thoses deep changes may mess with chrome, for others websites, but remember you can always come back and revert the changes.

Hope this will work for WIN 10 users :wink:


hmmm pasted it as you say but line doesn’t appear in chrome://gpu as it does in yours. Weird or i’m doing something wrong?

hmmmm maybe bc I have win 10 instead of your version? it’s the only thing different.

hummm possible. Will paste screen of the different options to modify, then you will modify directly in your chrome://flags and you’ll be able to copy paste from chrome://gpu (and of course disable in flags if you just want to use as a shortcut).
Will post it soon

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First post edited :wink:

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A visual of Kfay’s instructions in english windows. :slight_smile:

if you download the picture you can zoom in it without it blurring.

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for the 2nd pic (about flags) go to:

and be really careful what you change in there as K’ says :slight_smile: and yes if it causes problems you can revert to previous/default setting(s).

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