Goals in 2020


If you’ve seen me on a day where I’m playing long into the night, you know that when I get going I’m motivated by the milestones directly in front of me. The next 1000 cubes, 5000 cubes in a month, most trailblazes in a month ever (special thanks to galarun, you ruined that for me) Last year, I had set some larger goals for the year. I am the kind of person to go very hard while I have the motivation, and peace out rather than getting burnt out, so something that required that much foresight was tricky.

I know I had these written down somewhere but I can’t find it for the life of me so I’ll just list them here.

  • 10 Million Points in 2019: Tricky, because at this point I had 6 million points, but that was also 30k points a day
  • 50 Thousand Cubes in 2019: This one would triple my cube count, but that was fine. I had been doing a lot of mystic at that point, but wasn’t planning on doing mystic much because the big goal, which wasn’t just mine:
  • Finish The Dig. At a rate of one sector every 3 months, it seemed like we were maybe 3 weeks behind on that? Doable.
  • 30 Thousand Completes in 2019: Most reasonable tripling because I had been a scythe for 6 months.

Now, how did we do?

The dig obviously didn’t get done. We’re close, and even though Sector 15 isn’t technically complete, knowing what I know about that process now, I’ve honestly considered it “done unless proven otherwise” for a while now. We’re probably a couple weeks from Bipolars, but we’re demonstrably close.

As of the beginning of New Years Eve, I have 21,317 completes on the year with 371 more waiting for admins to finish off. That I guess I should have expected with less Mystic work, and other folks have done a great job keeping up with the backlog so i don’t often feel compelled to step in (Holiday Cup aftermath was really the first time in a while where I had a look and felt guilty playing cubes instead of completing). This was also put aside more so I could focus on the cubes, as I expect to be focusing more on Mystic work next year

As of the beginning of New Years Eve, I have 49,845 cubes on the year. I have a little less than 24 hours to do 155 cubes. That’s getting done. I’ll just be over here trailblazing all of the artifacts.

As of the beginning of New Years Eve, I have 11,851,158 points. I’ve already met this goal, that happened at some point during the Cup I think.

All things considered, One out of four isn’t bad. Especially when it becomes two out of four. Hardware issues, natural disasters, and work (or at least work I get paid for) all got in the way at one point or another.

Now, where do we go from here?

  • 100,000 cubes total by the end of the year (77,750 at time of writing), Let’s add a digit
  • 10,000 scythes total by the end of the year (8,129 at time of writing) Pushover goal, but let’s add another
  • 100,000 completes total by the end of the year (35,965 at time of writing) This one will be my main challenge through the year.
  • 1 million points in NEO. Just in case the problems I’ve been hearing about get resolved early on enough that we get stuff to work with. Based off of what I heard it may be that there will be mystic-type work ready to go soon, and I’m hoping to see some pyramids.

I’ve made a conscious effort to vary my goals in difficulty, because last year it was basically to do 3 times the amount of work I’d done to date.

This sort of post does a lot to keep me motivated, I invite everyone to do the same should they wish.


Also, we’re roughly 600 new cubes away from playing cube #4000000! Let’s get that done today!


We reached #4000000 !

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I think that this should be a very easy goal for you.

They say NEO is going to be released in the first half of the year, but who knows when it’s actually gonna release.


Sounds like a good idea to set some goals.

  • I think my goal for 2020 would be to make 40 M probably a bit to much since i need about 1,1M in average pr month for it but a nice round number.
  • I would also like to focus more on playing normaly and doing zfish cells and do less completing in normal ew cells.
  • This will give me a good chance to make another 20k cubes to a total of 85 000 cubes
  • I also think getting 25 k Trailblazes should be doable with 6188 to go
    And ofc i also hope to be able to play Neo, but can´t set any other goal for this than just getting to see how this game is supposed to work. Because i think they are still a long way to go from getting it ready to be releashed.

This is a fun thread! Interesting idea to do New Year’s resolutions for Eyewire.


What are the goals for 2020 from HQ?