Ganglion Cell Paper Questions?


Ask 'em here and we’ll address in Wednesday’s science hangout.

These questions will be answered by a researcher and posted on the Eyewire blog.

Your questions can be about Eyewire, the paper, or even general neuroscience.

Here’s an overview of the paper:

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How many kinds of ganglion cells are there?
And how many types of cells are we mapping now?


i read the paper (overread towards the end lol). Just wonder what scientists think about bistratification .(Did not find interpretation in paper). Is there a known functional difference between mono- and bi-stratified ganglion cells (i would expect lol)? Are the two layers synapsing with different celltypes in each layer? 81i and 27 stratify in similar 2 planes, have they similar functions? No, on-off, as i understand from Figure 4A ? Diff just because volume in stratification-layer is opposite?

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I have come across several papers suggesting that retinal ganglion cells can sometimes be “displaced”, with a soma located in the IP layer, or even the IN layer? Do we expect to find any such “displaced” ganglion cells, in the eyewire dataset (i.e. during “the dig”), and what opportunities/insight would it provide towards determining the cause of their “displacement”, and any unique function/role they may have?


way too late to the party, but I only just found some free time and I forgot to paste them last night…

  1. would we find more cell types if we had a larger sample, or are all the retinal cells everywhere regardless of the sample size (in the layers that are in the sample)?

  2. previous paper “gave” us the SB-BP neural circuit, will there be a new circuit displaying some or all of the new cell types found and/or other ganglion cells?

  3. is there an estimate on how long it may/will take for Seung labs/ andor others to figure out/research what the function/purpose of the new cell types are? Do they need to be “found” in other sample(s) as well to be peer reviewed?

  4. museum q: after dig and/or zfish dataset are finished, will cells traced be added to the museum? and neo cells?

thanks in advance!