Gallery of amusements


Respect :pensive: Will you go for 1M ? :dizzy_face:


who knows lol but ty :slight_smile:


Found this footprint when @Baraka got his 1M badge ! :slight_smile:

Edit : By the way, i share this awesome tool i use for screening and uploading with Chrome super fast : LightShot


and here is my gratulation-card for @Baraka and the 1 million-badge


and here newest record of @Nseraf
congrats! awesome!


Always the best for greating cards @susi ! Especially like this spanish flag ! (as i am spanish from my parents) :smiley:


i may need more sleep... :joy:


something synapsing around an axon in zfish:


Just Awesome ! 'Like your Black Sabbath mood :joy:


Yeah, a bit creepier ^^


yeah PacMan i'm still here...


I spy with my little eye


Well, eyewire is already mystical(?) but great!


I found a PyeongChang's athletic !


Oh my goodness. I tried to scout around for a response, but I couldn't find any good pun. I guess what I ment(or) by that is that you took the good one.


I see you


New 2018 48H+ Marathon's Timelapse i made (Eyewire intro animation not official) :
Bit of the end was broken due to lost record, but it's just about some cubes one 2 branches.

Hope you'll like it !


So cool!!! Love the logo animation too


lol - has to be celebrated.
5 such a nice number


lol, and here is next: