Forum Colors

I kind of like this bluish color, makes a clear difference that we are in a forum mode… we might want some links to point back to though.

I love the tags on the bottom!

I was looking around for different themes that might fit better, and I’m pretty sure we can style it with css.

Doing links to eyewire will require some digging, but is probably possible too.

Also, you asked it as a question, but it’s probably more appropriately a discussion.  Being an admin, I edited your post to make it so :wink:

I agree this is visually very nice!

Different color on the top bar is fine, but yes the links will have to be made consistent with

I don’t see any tags on the bottom.  I see some on the right…

The tags he was referring to appear to only be available to the person making the first post, when they are posting it.  Mods can edit tags too.