Font size too big when showing user profile after viewing GrimReaper's profile


Reproduction steps:

  1. View GrimReaper’s profile. Should look like this:
  2. View a user’s profile. Should look like this:

Expected result for step 2:

Cause: Viewing GrimReaper’s profile adds the class “grimReaperPoints” to the td elements of the table, resulting in a bigger font size. However this class is not removed when a normal user’s profile is being viewed again.

If this is not enough info, feel free to yell at me :smile: Thanks!

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Hi bl4ckscor3,

Yup, it’s a cosmetic bug due to the infinity symbols in the profile. Think of it as the curse of Grim for questioning his authority on Eyewire :wink: For the moment, refreshing the site will get a regular user’s profile back to the correct size.

Thanks for reporting,

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i have always tought it was intentional and a cool element