Fly neurons!


We shared a gif and some cool pics of crazy fly neurons yesterday in chat after lab meeting. Unfortunately I can’t share them publicly but if you’re interested in occasional behind the scenes lab stuff come online during lab meetings Tues and Fri from 12-2 as sometimes I share stuff from lab.

Anyway, the lab is working on fly brain. Claire McKellar, who is leading that effort, said that “It’s not the first connectome since c. elegans (another tiny animal was done, can’t remember the name of it), but neither it nor worms have brains - just distributed neurons. So a connectome from fly would be the first “brain” connectome.”

@annkri also asked how many neurons are in a fly brain. The latest estimate is 100,000, though we think it might be off. This effort will not be for players but rather for labs focused on fly to work together to map its brain. If it’s of interest, I’m happy to keep you updated on progress. If you missed the images but would like to see them, just drop me an email


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Sounds like an interesting subject to talk about.
I’d love to try to map some of these in the game!

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