Filter/hide cubes in overview


I’ve noticed for a while now that when looking for cubes to complete vote, there are a lot of tiny corner cubes that are almost impossible to see without getting up close to the branches. I believe I have a solution which might be relatively easy to implement.

While in scythe vision, or any of the other view modes, a legend appears with different coloured squares representing the state of each cube. If one were to take that already existing interface and make the squares clickable, they can be programmed to hide the relevant cube.

By doing this, you could for instance, hide all cubes that have the required votes, so that you see just the cubes that still require your attention.

An alternative to this, which might be even easier to implement, is to have an option to view the placeholder cubes that you see when you initially load a cell. Before the branches become visible on a cell, you see nothing but actual solid cubes representing each playable cube. If a button or hotkey could be implemented to switch to this view, finding the cubes you want to work on would be significantly faster and easier, especially in cells that are nearing completion. With this idea, the feature already exists. It just needs a way of being called up whenever the user want’s it to.


An alternative is to complete a whole section of the branch (and check cubes as you please) :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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The method I like to use, is use the low weight heat map and go along on ov from kid to parent along the branch, and complete kids along the way (ofc checking suspect cubes and repairing as needed). When i get done i go back to the end and uncomplete anything that is low weight or i’ve not checked. This method catches those annoying tiny cubes.


Hi hiigaran,

Thanks for the suggestion! Those tricky corner cubes can be difficult to select and as Nseraf and Atani suggested, that’s where you should use the complete children/complete parent buttons. Completing methods vary, but generally everyone understands that some corner cubes will be listed as uncomplete. If the main branch/overview spot next to a corner cube is complete and there’s nothing wrong like a cut-off nub part, then it’s safe to assume the corner cube is okay too.



Can the overview be trusted all the time though? From what I’ve heard, it’s sometimes not the most reliable method of determining whether a branch looks good. At least, for tracing. Would that not have the potential to affect some corner cubes if you were to complete children and miss something?


It’s not hte most reliable thing when normal playing, but if you’re scouting and you see the nubs in ov, they won’t be missing in cube. If you see jagged edge in ov, it’s something missing in-cube etc. But like I said, you can complete a section (rather cube by cube) and then inspect every single one of them, including corners lol. :slight_smile: Develop your method for sure, suit your needs, just saying that for quick-er result you can do that as well, and it’s not very likely that a corner will have something missing, if it does you’ll likely see a jagged/flat edge you can then inspect, reap etc.

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