Fan art!


Hello fellow eyewirers!
I noticed that no one has created a fan art forum where people could post really cool fan art for eyewire, so I am doing just that! I made this picture on a really cool IPad app that I found. (also, the logo is backwards, but it still looks cool) The picture is supposed to be a cell branching out.


love it ! Keep up, got this one in my background desktop :grinning:


Yay! For Science!


lol someone forgot to switch back to their admin acct :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a screenshot of play that looks like art to me (I’m a photographer hobbyist)


I also created a stereogram (a.k.a. magic eye) a while ago (it says Eyewire in all caps)


and a wigglegram!


Here’s a painting from Daniela inspired by Neo! Maybe an Eyewire painting next!


It’s so pretty! Maybe, can’t wait to see.