Eyewire on iPad

Is there a way to get to ‘preferences’ in Safari on the iPad? I see the instructions for the Mac but I’d rather play Eyewire on my iPad.

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In short: The support of WebGL on mobile devices is catastrophic (at the moment) and right now you won’t be able to play Eyewire on your iPad.

Some additional stuff (fun facts): Developers can use WebGL for iAds since iOS 4.2,
Nathan de Vries has a nice blog about this (again - more interesting to developers):

If you can not solve this kind of problem, how can you expect to map out a brain???

I have just signed up to help, but you do not have an app for IPAD. Please get your scientists to create one and I will be here ready to play and help.


I also exclusively do ipad. would like to do eyewere on ipad some day.

@tetex its not a problem of the eyewire developers, its a problem of apple that doesn’t seem to care to add webgl to safari and its electronics. If safari doesn’t have webgl devs can’t play with it. 

Sorry for the bump, but I’ve seen WebGL demos working perfectly on my iPad (Chrome Experiments running on Safari on the new iPad), so I don’t know why eyewire cannot be adapted to touch control to run on iPad (the game works fine but it doesn’t respond to the touch commands for drag or scroll).

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Hi Carlos,

Eyewire is not officially supported for Safari or for iPad at the moment. However, if you can get it to work, that’s great! We’re happy to receive feedback from iPad users about their experiences using Eyewire on iPad, including any tips for other iPad users. Feel free to use this forum thread to discuss. The more Eyewirers the merrier :smiley:

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