EyeWire on IPad?

I can’t get the rotating cube on my iPad using Safari or Chrome. Does this only work on PCs and Macs ?

I’m glad you brought that up, seanq. The first time I tried eyewire, it was on the iPad. If I weren’t notoriously stubborn, I would have been one of the 7 out of 8 people who try to sign on and never complete the tutorial. It would have been nice to be notified on the signin page that it was not supported for the iPad at this time before continuing to struggle with it.

I was lucky I had a PC on the other side of the room. Also lucky that the game requires more scrolling than mouse clicking, since the tendinitis in my wrist is the reason I bought the iPad in the first place.

Unfortunately EyeWire has not been developed for the ipad or other mobile devices yet.  However we would very much like to see EyeWire used on these products which is why we are in the market for a mobile developer to adapt our features for the mobile market.  

In the meantime you are right we may need to put something on the main page or in the beginning of the tutorial letting people know which devices EyeWire is currently supported by.


Has there been any progress on a mobile version? I’m a developer and I’d be interested in helping with an iPad version.

Hey kivou,

Thanks for the offer!  Contact us at hq@eyewire.org to discuss it.

Can’t wait for this to get on iPad and Android.  I have these much more accessible than my pc, and imagine I won’t be the only one.  I have a feeling like once this comes out, progress will skyrocket, because users will be able to play during brief down times, public transit commutes, etc.  

The sooner the better!

Is eyewire available on ipad yet?

Hi Clee525,

Unfortunately not yet. That is something we get a lot of inquiries about and would love to do. We are still looking for developers that can help with an ipad version of Eyewire so we can get that going.


Lots of posts here, but I’d wonder if there’s any way to be notified when/if an iPad version comes out. I have a disability which means a) this type of brain mapping could be of real help to people like me some day, and b) I could spend a LOT of time on this each day.

reason says they’ll announce in blog fb twitter and game chat

and maybe even mass email on the registered emails list.

Yup! It’ll be a big announcement and we’ll let our players know thru email, blog, and announcements. 

However, mobile Eyewire is still a bit far off in the future.  We’ve been making steps lately, but we have to make it so technology (which is still catching up!) and everything works on a tablet/phone/etc. :slight_smile: