EyeWire Holiday Recipe Share!

Oh my fellow EyeWirers!  Haven’t you ever wondered what the favorite foods of your EyeWire friends must be?  Haven’t you ever secretly wanted to ask?  Ok, I have, and, well,  now is our chance to share, without asking.  As many holidays approach, wouldn’t it be fun to have a “recipe book” featuring our own recipes, from our EyeWire friends!  Here is our chance.  In collaboration with HQ, we have a simple form to fill out.  If we can get your recipe(s) by December 16 or so, we will come up with a blog post or something wonderful, with all our holiday ideas.


Just fill out the doc, or, if you prefer, leave your recipe here!  Feel free to use links to recipes, youtube videos, and please, pictures!

Caramel Apple Dump Cake!

Take a can of Apple pie filling and put it in the bottom of an 8x8 cake pan. Cut up pieces of caramel and place over the top of the apple filling. Sprinkle about 1/2 box of white cake mix over the top of this. Cut up one stick of BUTTER and place pieces on top of the cake mix.

Bake at 350º F (sorry, about 177º C) for 30-45 minutes, it should be golden brown on top.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream! YUMMY!!!

You can use any pie filling you like, we just like apple at my house!

Texas, USA

Pic of Pumpkin Dump Cake, we already ate the apple!

lol I replied to your doc with traditional xmas greek honey cakes :smiley:


Yummy Greek Honey Cakes from Nik, aka Nseraf!  I am going to try to make these … soon!

http://allrecipes.com/recipe/kaese-spaetzle/ i dont know if this recipe is any good but kässpätzle are amazing :smiley:

Giada de Laurentiis’ salad in parmesan bowls are AWESOME and super easy :slight_smile:


Boston, USA

Also these roasted veggies are amazeballs

I make them at least 2x per month



 My aunts cookies she just started a website!!!

I shall be ordering some, like, now!

And I did!!  The cranberry ones!

AND They came, AND they are GREAT!!!


So yummy! Almost ate my tongue once I had this, be warned! :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src='/uploads/default/original/1X/4dfa33742824252f81c1df0b5206b0116c8f11f3.jpg'>

Oh, Varppi!  Yummi!!!

Easy No-Knead Bread

Quick yeast bread that tops off any meal!  Even my 9 yr old granddaughter (aka LMac) can make this:

4.5 cups all purpose/bread flour, divided
1.5 tsp active yeast
0.5 cups warm water (100 F or 38 C)
2 cups water, divided
1.5 tsp salt (or less)

1.  Mix yeast, 0.5 cup flour, and 0.5 cups warm water in large bowl; cover, let sit for 30 minutes.  This makes a delightfully yeasty "sponge"

2.  Stir remaining water, flour and the salt into the bowl and mix until incorporated  forming a sticky dough that pulls away from the sides.  Let rise in warm spot for 2 hours.  I use my cold oven with the oven light on.  The light provides enough enough heat to keep it nice and warm inside. 

3.  After 2 hours it should be at least double in size.  scrape the dough ball onto a cookie sheet lightly coated with Olive Oil. Edit: Dust the oiled pan with a little corn meal to prevent any sticking.  1 Tbsp should do.  With wet hands (or oiled hands) shape a round ball, tucking any edges underneath.  You want a nice tight skin on top.  Let rise for 30-40 minutes.

4.  Preheat oven to 425 F (220 C).  Place a small pan of water on the lower rack to humidify the oven.

5.  Cut a slit on the top of the risen loaf with a very sharp knife to allow for expansion and place on a rack above the pan of water.  Bake for 35 minutes, until it is golden brown.

6.  Let finished bread cool on a wire rack.  Cool completely before cutting.  Ahhh… who am I kidding?  I never wait that long!

Pic attached of LMac’s loaf.

BTW, you can replace water with beer (except for the sponge)  Different beers impart different flavors, no two are the same!


YUMMY!!!  Another treat to try!

In Slovenia (where my wife is from) they bake potica - a nut roll. Here is a video with instructions in English. Helen is not my wife. :smiley:


Traditionally it is made with walnuts, but you can also make it with poppy seeds. It is yum-yum-yummy.


Yummmmmmm   They sell that as a bread in Kansas City … to die for!