Eyewire Experience Flowchart


Here is a flowchart that I made for (what I think) how the average player’s Eyewire experience will go. It utilizes the different scripts that the unofficial “Hackers” have made so far. Any comments?


I like and mostly agree, I just think that a lot of great exp comes from one thing (after getting scout/scythe) pick a cell, inspect and flag/reap + log cubes. I know it is arduous and time consuming and most ppl don’t do it but it builds experience like nothing else lol, scouting and fixing others’ mistakes and seeing all of it, plus the feedback from other scouts/scythes/mystics and revisiting older entries that have been resolved after your logging expands experience lvl + horizons a lot. Imho.


i mostly agree but also think perhaps some of the commands in tabbed chat like low-wt and size could be usefull for normal players also if they are curious on how the cell is growing.

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Nice! I like it!

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Thanks for taking the time to put this together! We’re currently discussing how to best integrate player scripts into Eyewire and this is helpful!

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