EyeWire Erratta (Songs and Jokes)

Was told I had to make this into a forum post, so here goes:

First up - My sentiments on being an EW hero
(To the Pokemon theme song)
“I wanna be, the very best. Like no one ever was. To find mergers is my real test. To scythe them is my cause!”

And second up - Some terrible jokes that came up the other night
“What did one Bouton say to the other? You’re really getting on my nerves”
or “what did the branch tell the scythe?” “you complete me”
“Merger? I hardly knew 'er!”
2 neurons walk into a bar, they both get diced into cubes and drawn over with light blue marker (some dark humor)

Feel free to add your own!


xDDD awesome!!

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I love it! :joy_cat:

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